Minus L

MinusL. Produse bio fara lactoza, brand ce apartine de OMIRA

Also we offer a brief overview of the major milestones of the brand MinusL. The OMIRA in Ravensburg The OMIRA was founded during a severe economic crisis in the year 1929th The focus of OMIRA was initially in the production of butter. So already the churning process for the continuous production of sweet cream in 1941 by Dr. Fritz developed. This is even used until today for butter production. In 1999, the OMIRA cooperation with the Neuburg milk plants in Neuburg an der Donau. Through this the OMIRA could expand their product range with many durable dairy products and desserts. Currently processes the OMIRA group together with the Neuburger Milchwerke GmbH & Co. KG annually around 900 million kg of milk from some 3,000 milk producers.

Produse reprezentative